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aaron sorkin, angela/hodgins, arthur/merlin, barney stinson, ben/riley, bones, bones/booth, books, brothers & sisters, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, chandler/joey, charmed, chris colfer, chris halliwell, chris pine, christian kane, chuck, chuck/casey, cj/danny, cj/tobey, clamp, criminal minds, csi, daniel radcliffe, danny/martin, darkover, david boreanaz, david hodges, dean winchester, dinozzo/mcgee, drew fuller, emily prentiss, enrique murciano, eric close, eric szmanda, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fanfiction, fanmix, fringe, frodo/sam, george eads, gilmore girls, glee, greg sanders, greg/hodges, grimm, harry potter, harry/ginny, harry/hermione, harry/ron, hawaii five-0, hermione/ron, heroes, himym, hiro/ando, j2, james/lily, jane austen, jane lynch, jared padalecki, jason segel, jensen ackles, jim parsons, jj/reid, jk rowling, joey/ross, john/sherlock, josh/donna, josh/sam, karl urban, kenneth branagh, kevin/scotty, kirk/spock, kurt hummel, kurt/blaine, languages, leonard mccoy, lord of the rings, manga, marion zimmer bradley, matt/mohinder, matthew gray gubler, matthew perry, merlin, michael/sucre, monica/chandler, morgan/reid, movies, music, musicals, national treasure, ncis, ncis: los angeles, neil patrick harris, nerds, nick stokes, nick/greg, nick/hodges, nick/warrick, numb3rs, olivia/peter, once upon a time, paget brewster, photography, piper/leo, pride and prejudice, prison break, queer as folk, quotes, reading, reid/prentiss, robert downey jr, ross/rachel, sakura/shaoran, sam winchester, seth/ryan, shakespeare, shamy, sheldon/amy, sherlock, sirius/remus, slash, soundtracks, spencer reid, star trek, star wars, steve carlson, steve/danny, sue sylvester, supernatural, the big bang theory, the newsroom, the west wing, toby/emmett, tolkien, tony/mcgee, wentworth miller, without a trace, writing, zachary quinto
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